C-Panty for C-Section Recovery - High Waist

Start your recovery NOW....

Get 'your body back' after c-section - in style

  • Start your recovery... feel better faster
  • Enjoy your baby in comfort, knowing you are taking the best care of yourself
  • Be in control of your scar from the start - let your body know how you want it to look

Reduce Scarring, reduce swelling....

  • Holds down that pesky little C-bulge and provide a little post-baby shaping with the compression panel
  • Reduce Scarring with an interior silicone panel always on your C-section incision.
  • Reduce Swelling with a gentle compression panel
  • C-Panty C-Section Recovery and Slimming Underwear is your complete c-section recovery solution. This full-coverage C-Panty reduces swelling and scarring around the incision

Moderate Medical Compression

  • Why the C-Panty
  • A silicone compression panel placed over the incision site.
  • Silicone helps skin retain moisture, which minimizes scarring and itching, while compression helps prevent swelling and supports weakened muscles.
  • The gentle waistband rests right below the ribs, eliminating the discomfort of binding waistbands at your mid-section.

Let C-Panty take care of you so you can care for baby in comfort. 

  • Slims and speeds recovery after c-section
  • Abdominal compression slims post baby belly, reduces swelling and shrinks uterus
  • Compression around incision reduces pain and makes moving around more comfortable
  • Silicone panel speeds healing and reduces c-section scar while protecting and supporting c-section incision area
  • Can be worn any time after delivery up to 12 months
  • Designed by a surgeon and two-time C-section mum and recommeded by OB/GYNs
  • 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex. Machine washable as delicate, line dry.

C-Panty is seamless, with a full rear and gently fluted waistband. No bulk, bands, or Velcro.

Buy your C-Panty before your scheduled c-section and add it to your c-section hospital bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Very comfortable

Comfortable, stay up well, have only used them for a week so far but wish I had them the first time around after my daughter was born


C-Panty for C-Section Recovery - High Waist

Better than what I was expecting

I was quiet surprised with how comfy these were. The only issue I had was that they would roll down my back abit but they stay up nicely over my tummy.

High waist c-section recovery undies are comfortable and effective!

High waist c-section recovery undies are comfortable and effective! I feel confident in them and I hope it helps my muscles and skin go back to where they should be :)

Good also months after csection

I am peared shape and bought a size larger that I normally would and they fit perfectly and still hold my tummy in. I am a few months post partum and still have tummy muscle separation, and hence a bulging belly. This underwear makes me feel more confident during the day, plus I find them comfortable.