I won’t have time to pump milk at work – can I just breastfeed my baby at night?

Are you sure you can’t pump at work? With a good quality electric breast pump, you should be able to pump both breasts in less than 15 minutes. Even if you use a break to pump, it would be best to keep your milk supply on task. If you absolutely cannot pump at work, you can still breastfeed whenever you are with your baby. I suggest nursing right before you go to work and immediately following work (and for the rest of the evening, of course!).

Just keep in mind that if you don't pump at all at work, your breasts will stop making milk during your workday. For the first few days, your breasts may become overly full and leak; try using Milk Saver. You can use nursing pads in your bra to catch leaking milk. If your breasts become very uncomfortable, you can go to the bathroom and express (either with your hands or with a breast pump) just enough milk to feel better. Within 4-6 days, your milk supply will decrease enough where you will be comfortable at work.

Again, it would be best to pump at least once during your workday, especially if you want to keep your body producing enough to give your baby breast milk exclusively. If that is not feasible, breastfeed as often as you can. You and your baby will still reap the rewards of breastfeeding!