Born to Feed

Born to Feed Breast Care

Warm & Cool Breast Therapy

Born to Feed - warm or cool breast therapy is designed to ease discomfort when breast feeding, due to mastitis, engorgement, milk flow, blocked milk ducts, breast surgery and general tenderness and swelling.

The contoured gel packs are designed to fit all breast sizes (16.5 cm diameter) and are safe, nontoxic, soft & pliable and flexible for total comfort.

Each pack contains 2 packs, which are simply washed with soap and water after use and are reusable.

Easy to use:

Warm Therapy - simply heat in microwave for 40 seconds intervals till desired temperature achieved or soak in hot water for 3 - 5 minutes. 

Cool Therapy - Place in freezer for one hour prior to use.


Nursing Angel Tips:

  • Note: It is very important to be under the care of a medical professional for mastitis. Please seek immediate assistance if you believe you have or are developing mastitis

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Comfortable and easy to use,

Comfortable and easy to use, defrosts within 15min