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Cimilre S5 Double Electric Breast Pump


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 The S5 is a state of the art double electric hospital grade breast pump

  • It is the latest technology with 2-motor technology
  • The suction on each pump can be adjusted individually, which means you can customise and control the suction on each breast during pumping, or use in sync mode.
  • It has rechargeable battery.
  • The most powerful personal use pump on the market.
  • Closed system, powerful and adjustable suction with letdown mode so you can adjust to best suit your own personal needs.
  • Use for stimulation and expression of breast milk.
  • The S5 can be used to maintain, initiate, and increase a mum’s supply.

This pump has many great features that allow a mum to not only be comfortable but feel confident in having an effective breast pump to meet her everyday breast pumping needs.

All Cimilre breast pumps are closed system pumps with a back-flow protector to allow for complete protection from the backup of milk into the pump and tubing.
Having this hygienic barrier is very important when deciding on what pump to go with. The S5 is unique in its customizable technology with adjustable levels of suction cycles, and multiple expression and massage mode and the ability to adjust these settings independently, making for a comfortable pumping experience, while mimicking the baby’s sucking patterns.

Some of the other features that allow for a comfortable breastfeeding experience is:

  • Single or Double Pumping
  • Closed Complete Protection System
  • Hospital Strength
  • Built in Night light
  • Timer display for easy tracking of pumping time
  • Ultra-Silent
  • Automatic Shutoff at 30 mins
  • Handle for easy mobility
  • User friendly for easy and comfortable pumping
  • Independent adjustment of cycle and vacuum
  • More than 330 mmHg suction strength (Strongest on the market)
  • Weight: 880 grams
  • International compatible dual voltage 100-240V

Shield Options:
Standard Shields in 24mm or28mm
Hands Free Shields 24mm or 28mm

-Need a hand Choosing? Please see our guide to choosing a Breast Shield

One Year Warranty


  • Double electric powered pumping unit.
  • 12V Power cord.
  • 2 x breast shields.
  • 2 x backflow protectors.
  • 2 x silicone valves.
  • 2 x tubing.
  • 2 x narrow neck bottles.
  • 2 x narrow neck bottle adapters.

Heard of SpeCtra Breast Pumps? Well the "C" stands for Cimilre. New, improved and premium performance!

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