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Smart TENS is a dual channel TENS machine that is simple to use and helps with pain associated with acute and chronic conditions that respond well to TENS therapy. It has 4 different TENS modes (programs) operating on an intensity that is adjustable to individual user’s preference or tolerance.

It is light, small and ergonomically shaped. During use, you can hold the Smart TENS in your hand or you can clip the Smart TENS to your clothing with an adjustable belt clip located on the back of the machine. Alternatively, you can use the neck cord to wear the Smart TENS around your neck.

Some of the painful problems that Smart TENS can help with are:

  • Chronic & acute pain

  • Back pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Arthritis

  • Sciatica

  • Osteoporosis pain

  • Sprains Sports injuries

  • Period pain

  • Post-operative pain

Key Benefits of the Smart TENS

  • Fast pain relief

  • Treats 2 pain areas

  • Han Stimulation

  • 4 modes

  • Adjustable pulse width

  • Timer

  • Large digital display

  • Rotating belt clip

  • Easy to use

  • Smooth

  • Value for money

What’s In The Box

Smart TENS is supplied with a free digital download of Dr Gordon Gadsby’s book titled ‘An easy guide to TENS pain relief’. In this illustrated and easy to understand guide to TENS therapy, Dr Gadsby provides clear guidance on what painful conditions can be effectively treated with TENS machines and where the best positions are for electrode placements. Step by step, Dr Gadsby guides you through the best use of your TENS machine for effective outcomes in TENS pain relief.

  • FREE Digital Download: An Easy Guide to Tens Pain Relief

  • Pack of 4 electrodes

  • Instructions

  • 2 leadwires

  • Soft pouch

  • 2 x AA batteries

  • Neck cord

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