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Miracle Blanket

Miracle Blanket

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The No.1 pediatrician recommended Swaddling blanket in the world!

Swaddling is essential to ensure babies get the sleep they need. But in the past many parents have found it difficult to properly swaddle their baby. Now the Miracle Blanket has changed that by turning thousands of parents into swaddling experts...and the results are amazing! Not only do babies fall asleep faster and sleep longer, they also wake up smiling and happy instead of crying and tired - that's the difference those extra hours of sleep make. 

The fabric is a super soft cotton knit selected for several good reasons: It's breathable so that it can be used in warm climates while still being luxurious enough to keep your baby warm in cooler places; It has just enough stretch to absorb your baby's movements without coming undone but it's not so stretchy that it won't stay tight; And, most importantly, it stands up to constant use and washing.

  • Helps babies (and parents!) sleep longer
  • Helps calms crying & fussy babies by secure swaddling
  • Helps prevent startling reflex from waking baby
  • Makes it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark
  • Patented inner arms flaps to keep arms within wrap but comfortably secure and not unnecessarily tight
  • One size fits all (newborn to 14 weeks)
  • Won't unravel during restless sleep
  • No knots, buttons, straps, Velcro, snaps, zippers
  • No excessive fabric that bunches causing overheating
  • No 'straight jacket' effect that is common when sheet or non-stretch muslin wrap is used
  • Does not restrict development of hips and knees
  • Incorporates a light pressure to the tummy for relief of colicky symptoms
  • Helps your baby sleep on their back
  • Used by thousands of parents
  • Recommended by paediatricians and hospitals
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry delicate cycle
  • Size: Width of back (between arm flaps): 27cm. Length from shoulders to feet: 56cm

1 per pack.

Millions of Well-Rested Babies Can't Be Wrong:

  • Stops Colic - GUARANTEED!
  • Eases Fussiness For ANY Baby!
  • Helps Baby Sleep Better/Longer!
  • Prevents Facial Scratches!
  • Stops Twitches That Wake Your Baby!
  • Makes Breast Feeding MUCH Easier!
  • Makes Your Baby Feel Warm & Secure!
  • One Size Fits All Up to Fourteen Weeks
  • 100% High Quality Cotton

Recommended By Hundreds of Medical Professionals:

The Miracle Blanket is used and recommended by hundreds of pediatricians, doulas, nurses, birth professionals and many hospitals. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Found a winner

My son would not sleep in any other wrap I had for my previous bub and normal swaddles resulted in hands popping out. I love how easy it is to wrap him, including not having to roll him about so much so less likely to have sickups. Plus he sleeps in it!

Good for daytime

My only problem with this swaddle is that there is no way of doing a nappy change without completely undoing it. This is so frustrating when you have a newborn and need to do happy changes through the night. Being half asleep and working with a fiddly wrap is not ideal and becomes very frustrating. Benefits are that the swaddle looks great and is very effective when wrapped nice and tight. Is also easy to wash and dry.

Fast delivery

Ordered arrive quickly. Good price.

Miracle blanket

This swaddle has made our life a lot easier! Bubs is so much happier when we swaddle him up now we have this product, he even smiles sometimes as we bundle him up. Such a comparison to when we used to try wrapping him up in Muslin squares. Pretty easy to use once u get used to it.

Stops my Houdini escaping

I was using another well known swaddle but my Houdini kept getting his hands. First night of miracle blanket and he slept 5 hours. I do find it a little stressful on hot days bc he needs wrapping but I feel like he may overheat as the fabric wraps three times so I just put him in a nappy and he’s been fine.