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Oricom BabySense 2 Infant Respiratory Monitor + Oricom Secure 710


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This is Australia’s only Infant Respiratory Monitor registered as a medical device.

Because you can’t watch over your baby around the clock, you need the assistance of Babysense2. The Babysense2 monitors the breathing movements of your sleeping baby. Should these breathing movements become irregularly slow or not be detected, Babysense2 will alert you audibly and visually. 

Enjoy the restful reassurance that comes with knowing should your baby need you, you’ll be made aware immediately.

Key Features:

  • Constantly monitors the breathing movements of your baby:
  • An audible and visual alarm is activated if your baby’s breathing movement slows to a rate of less than 10 breaths per minute or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds.

Safe and integrated:

  • The control unit connects to sensor pads placed under your baby’s mattress.
  • Comfortable and unobtrusive passive sensors have no direct contact with your baby, and cannot limit or obstruct movement.

Babysense2 is registered as a medical device by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) approval No. ARTG 97479


Sleep with greater peace while Babysense2 monitors the breathing movements of your sleeping baby.

The Oricom SC710 boasts

  • a large 2.4" Colour LCD display
  • infrared night vision
  • temperature monitoring
  • is multi-camera capable (up to 4 cameras) 


Baby Unit:

  • Wall mountable Infrared Camera: Gives you a clear picture of your baby even in the dark.
  • Nursery room temperature sensor: Constantly displays the nursery room temperature 
  • Soft comforting adjustable night light: No need to leave your baby in darkness, a soft starry glow from the night providing comfort and reassurance for your baby, soothing the way to sleep.
  • Five polyphonic lullabies: Providing a soothing auditory distraction to lull baby off to sleep.
  • Sound Sensor lights: You can use the sensor lights on the Parent Unit to monitor the noise levels in your baby's room, when the volume on the Parent Unit is turned down low. 

Parent Unit:

  • 2.4" Colour Display: Large clear display allows you to keep an eye on your baby anywhere around the home.
  • Parent talk back: This features allows you to talk to your baby whenever you need to use the comfort only your own voice can give.
  • Multi-Camera Capable: Connects to up to 4 camera units (CU710). Great for twins or for keeping a watchful eye on multiple children.
  • Fully portable: This parent unit provides you with mobility and the hands-free convenience that will allow you to go about your everyday work and still be able listen to your baby.
  • Adjustable digital volume control: Adjust the volume level as needed.

Warranty: 3 year

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