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PF Press | Pelvic Floor Support

Pelvic Floor Support by It's You Babe

The PF Press by It's You Babe provides compression therapy to relieve pain, pressure, swelling and that feeling that'everything is going to fall out the bottom'.
Breathable, adjustable compression bridge easily adjusts on the back allowing for comfort through compression.
Slip this on in the morning for relief throughout the day!

Key Features:

  • Safe and Effective
  • Provides comfort and relief
  • Reduces pain and pressure from vulvar varicosities
  • Ideal for pelvic floor therapy
  • Gently lifts prolapsed bladder and uterus
  • Sungs up cold or warm packs
  • Discreet under clothing

Effective Compression Therapy for:

  • Vulvar varicosities
  • Prolapsed bladder
  • Prolapsed Uterus
  • Post-op swelling


With lace in front, pull up like a panty. Position in the front low, just above the pubic bone. Loosen tabs and move them up or down over the soft bands and attach when comfortable compression is reached. Wear over cotton underwear.

Customer Reviews

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Vulvar Varicose veins

These support pants have been comfortable and effective at reducing the swelling. Would recommend.